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    I am removing the gas tank in my 1935 845. How do you remove the filler neck? The car uses a flexible metal tube, that seems to be pressed into the tank and the filler neck.


    It’s a pain in the Pierce Arrow…….they come out. You can do it on the ground or on a lift. Be sure to use jack stands on thr frame in front of the rear end so you don’t get into trouble with the stands in the way of the tank. Remove the fender splash shield, exhaust if necessary, fuel lines and wires. It dirty, heavy, and difficult. If you put too much stress in the flex pipe it will break. Often it breaks even if your careful. You will be dirty, have crud in your eyes, smell like gas and grease, and if your not bleeding you will be lucky. Piece of cake!👍






    Ed is an institution. When he croaks, they are going to stuff him and put him

    in a corner of the P. A. Museum. They may have trouble controlling the crowds he

    will attract.


    Tony, so you are saying he should be institutionalized?


    When I was born they threw away the mold…….but it grew back!

    Good seeing all of our PAS family and friends on the field at Pebble. Weather was great, as were the cars. There was on PAS member with a car on thr tour and show field, a 1933 LeBaron 1247 Convertible Sedan owned by Steven Brauer. The entire event was fun as usual.


    There was at least one more PAS member on the show field with a Pierce. 1911 36 HP. Don’t know if it went on the tour this year, but I drove it on the tour in 2009 when it was there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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