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    I am working of the restoration of a 1930 P-A Model A that originally had a Dietrich convertible sedan body. A friend suggested that some members might be interested in a picture of what has been done so far. The inset in the photograph shows the car as it came to me, from Fred Tycher in 1980. Two of us are working on creating the wooden framework for the body. When we accomplish that, the body will go to get a metal skin, and I will start on restoration of the chassis. (The machine work on the engine has already been done by Arlo Boe.) You can see that we had very little to start with, but I am fortunate that one Pierce (a 1929 model) with a similar body exists to show us what we are working toward. We are now working on the doors and the top framework. I have a modest accumulation of body parts from a Model C sedan parts car, but we are producing a lot of the metal parts for the body by casting them.


    Nice Job, I wish I had my project is that condition. Post more pictures as you make progress.

    Good Luck,

    Alan D.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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