Rear Differential leaking at bottom of cover.

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    Hello, Kevin Miller from Columbus Ohio. My 34 Pierce Arrow 840 A seems to be leaking its rear differential fluid out more since it has been in the garage more then out of the garage. Questions? First is there a replacement gasket out there to replace after I remove the cover? Second I know I have asked this before on a 34 what is a safe replacement fluid to refill with? I have been told that NAPA 85 to 120 maybe is fine to replace with? Is the proper amount of fluid fill it till if over flows out a fill plug? Thanks guys.


    Also I keep hearing about yellow metal? How does one know if a 1934 Pierce Arrow has such metal in its rear differential? Thanks again.



    It seems that you are being ignored here (Sunday posting effect?), so contact George Teebay (see PAS Roster) on the matter, as he will provide everything you need to know about gear and transmission oil.

    If I can dig up my document on Lubrication, I will send it as an email.

    Also, you should contact Olsen’s Gaskets (listed in the Parts & Service section) for gaskets.




    I believe your car has a hypoid differential and should take an Extreme Pressure, GL-4 type of gear oil. See “1603 Differential gear oil recommendations”” a few posts back for more info. I don’t believe that your differential has any “”yellow”” metals. Some 1933 models have a worm drive rear axle that has a brass bull gear. In that type of differential you should use a GL-1 or 2 equivalent oil that does not have the EP additives. Dave”


    Thank you all for your information on different fluids for my pierce arrow. Trying to keep up on the right fluids. Thank you again.


    Hey, Guys. I found a Sta Lube GL-4 SAE 85W90 part no. SL24229 at NAPA that I would throw out to you to see if this is one that anyone wls has used in their differential?


    Yes, in both our 33 1601 and 1247.

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