Radiator Hose Clamps

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    Does anyone have a picture and source for the hose clamps for a ’29 8 cylinder? Should have checked with you folks at Hershey…



    Are the two wire style correct for 29-31?


    I think the two-wire type are accepted for any year Pierce.

    My thoughts when judging a car are that if the hose clamps use some form of a bolt/screw and nut, they are OK.

    The Stainless Steel polished worm-and rack type are definitely NOT accepted.

    If I can remember to, I’ll look in a few parts manuals I have and see what was used by the factory..

    Greg Long


    I have many. Send dimensions. I will try to help


    Restoration Supply sells all sizes.


    I credit Greg Loftness with telling me that the attached photo is a clamp in the style that was correct for my ’29. Photo is fuzzy but you can see that the strap ends are curled into a roll and then drilled and tapped.



    Bob, do you have a copy of the ’29 parts manual? it should have a drawing of a hose clamp or two.



    This thread comes at a good time. I’m just researching the same thing for my car. According to the 1930 Pierce parts catalog, the two wire style looks correct, at least for the 1929 to 1931 modles. See photo. So they’re going right back on. I’m sure many of you already know this, but for what it’s worth, a much wiser person suggested to me one time to install the wire style clamps loosely on the hose, then clamp it down properly with the modern screw type clamps. After running the car for some the hose will have stuck itself pretty well to the outlet. The screw clamps can then be taken off, and the proper wire clamps can be slid into place without too much drama.



    I installed the double wire clamps and no matter what I did, they leaked.

    Then I installed the modern SS-band type to SET the newly installed hoses.

    After running the engine through a few heating / cooling cycles, I removed the SS-band type clamps and the double wire clamps sealed quite nicely.

    They just needed a bit of heat the rubber to properly seal the hoses.

    At the time, I didn’t have the patience to tolerate the major leaks long enough for them to become effective.




    I used, as Greg suggested, a small amount of Permatex Ultra-Black to ensure the seal.

    When sealed, I swapped to the two-wire clamps.



    If you search for “stainless wire hose clamps”” on ebay your get quite a few. I use them on my Morgan and the only issue is the screw has a hex head and in some cases it pretty long.”


    I used the two-wire clamps on the Series 80 and haven’t had an issue with leaks.


    I’ve been looking for the type of band style clamps like the one in Bill Morris’s photo. The photo I’m attaching is from the service manual for the 1925 Series 80. I’m using the wire style that Restoration Supply sells, they work fine, but I would like to find the band type, so far no luck.

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