Radiator brightwork

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    Was brass a factory option for radiator and shiny surfaces in ’13. ’14,

    ’15, and ’16? My friend thought he had owned a German silver early

    radiator. Did Pierce make any pre ’17 German silver radiators? If you

    know any supporting sources, please cite them.



    There were optional finishes on the Pierce Arrows prior to 1916 and even up through the Series 31-51.For a supporting source,check a Series 3 parts book.There are references to brass finish,nickel finish and what is called a black nickel finish.There was also a choice of a white face or a black face on the instruments.There are different part numbers for each of these items.My very original C-3 has the nickel finish over the brass parts and a German Silver radiator.Had the car been ordered in the brass finish,the radiator would have been brass.I was told the black nickel finish was like a gun blue finish.I have neen a 1910 36 UU in the nickel finish.In the pre-1916 era,the radiators were made by Fedders and Mayo.These were one piece units.The Series 3 and earlier radiators have the sharp seam around the outer edge while Series 4 and series 5 were smooth.Series 31-51 had a removable shell.


    Brass trim was an option on Series 32 in 1921 and on Series 33 from 1922 through 1926.


    Howard Ehman’s 1911 48hp had a German Silver radiator and a naked copper or possibly naked brass hood. With a deep maroon body color. Very striking when freshly polished.

    The hood I do seem to remember was copper. It would start to tarnish by the end of the day. An incredible amount of Semichrome polish was used over the years on that hood !!

    Greg Long



    Do any of the brass trimmed Series 32 and Series 33 cars survive?


    Bill: Ernie Follis has a brass trimmed Series 32.

    Greg Long

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