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    Hi, everyone,

    On Sunday, we plan to hit the road at sunrise for our drive to Lancaster.  We’ll be in the ’31 Model 42 and I have two plug choices.  I can use either Champio0n W16Y or W18.  Which would make the engine run cooler?  Could I even tell the difference between them?




    Bill, from the Champion catalog the w16 is a standard plug while the w18Y is an extended tip that runs a bit hotter but not by a lot. The hotter part is just the tip of the plug not the whole engine. the heat of the fire in a fireplace doesn’t have much to do with how hot the match was that started ignition. The exception to this analogy is if the hot tip is enough to cause pre ignition (knock). The point of the hotter tip is if you are prone to spark plug fouling. If not, the standard plug would seem to be the choice.


    Thanks, Jim,

    Turns out it’s all for naught as the generator decided to die yesterday and I don’t have a spare that’s all tested and ready to install.  We’ll be driving modern, darn it.



    Don’t feel bad Bill.  I was hoping that my wheels that I dropped off two months ago would be ready, so I was hoping to pick them up and then sneak a few days in Hershey while I was out east.  Got ahold of the wheel guy this morning and he hasn’t even started on them?  Now I’m hoping to have them back for Gilmore!  Did you try that generator guy Morton Grove Electric in Arlington Heights?  Maybe a rush job?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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