Pierce pocket watch

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    I bought one of the fake watches. The watchmaker said the watch was post WWII. I did receive a refund. There are a number of these for several automobile makes coming out of the far east.


    There was a booth at Hershey that had a display of pocket watches for sale, with every major car manufacturer you could think of, and some you couldn’t. Must have had 40 or more different ones. I’d love to see an original Pierce pocket watch, but they are apparently truly rare. I have numerous Pierce pocket watches in my collection, all bought years ago, and I doubt any is real….


    I’ll look for my real one……having just moved it may take me a while to find it.


    Watch just arrived. Defeinately new. The crystal feels like plastic. I pulled the back off. It does have a real working movement and is stamped USA. Yet all the screws and everything else screams new new new.

    Asked for a refund. We will see what they say. Rick


    Richard: It was an older inexpensive pocket watch with the little doojig attached.


    Refund granted without issue. :)


    Tony: ” dojig”” ????”


    One easy trick to tell if a watch crystal is either plastic or glass is to hold it to your cheek. If it’s cold, it’s glass; warm or room temperature, it’s plastic.


    lololo thanks Doc! I had no idea


    Richard, “dojiggy”” is kind of – sort of – like a henweigh…………”


    A henweighs about three pounds.


    A henweigh is the introduction to a joke for which Bob provided the punch line, da, da, da!

Viewing 12 posts - 21 through 32 (of 32 total)
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