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    HI all,

    Im sure several of you saw this on ebay. I took the leap, and purchased th4 pocket watch. It will look great with all the other odds and ends that I have on display in the luggage of the 29′.

    Does anyone know the story of these watches? I know it originally had a dash mounting bracket. (anyone have a pic? this one is missing). I have not seen any model auto with a pocket watch mounted on the dash. (super cool)

    Was this the cell phone of the time? Put it in your pocket, then on your dash while you drive???

    This pocket watch is a few years newer than my car but couldn’t resist. Would love to hear anything and everything about it.



    Pocket watch #2

    How many styles of watches did Pierce commission? What years had the mounted watch as an option???

    Thanks, Rick


    That looks like a great piece.

    I have no idea if it is an original piece or not but it sure looks great.



    Good to know. It is still cool and looks a decade or so old. I will disect it once it arrives.

    Question: How do you know if Pierce was not different than Pierce arrow when the watches were made?



    Here are a few more that i found on line.





    Do the serial numbers have a an identifying letter or number sequence?


    The one with the red badge is definitely a phony. I got stuck with one of those 50 years ago


    Here is a small silver one made by Waltham. That would be correct if coresponded to the dash clocks.






    Waltham 3-OS 15J HCM ladies’ pocket watch #26986614, Sterling silver HB case, Pierce Arrow dial logo



    Did the one with the red badge have old fashion workings or new?


    After searching the web. I am suspect of it being truly old. Once it gets her ill pull the case off, and we all can see what to, or NOT to look for.

    Either way, I think it is cool. If fake, not as cool as I paid cool, but still a fun piece to have.



    There’s a discussion on the AACA about a nearly exact style watch with a Buick logo. The general feeling was a 1970’s item. Here’s the link, I hope…




    Thanks. It was very interesting to look at. The face of the watch is identical, except for the marque ofcourse. The 555 mark on the inside has me scratching my head. I will open mine up and take a few shots for everyone to look at once it arrives. The watch is fair game. Everyone is welcome to tear it apart. Im more curious about it then anything else. Could the process on the back of the casing be acid etching? Any experts out there?

    Looks like I have been had. Yet, I still like the watch and is fun to ad it to the rest of my “stuff””.”


    Almost 95 percent of the watches you find will be modified/incorrect/fake. That said, they are fun. Also 99percent of the watch fobs are also fake. They were made by the “Fob of the month club” and were rather well done. Unless you have an original they are had to tell apart. The fake market basically ruins the “real” market.


    2nd picture


    3rd picture

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