Pierce Arrow dinner plates, reproductions

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    On Ebay now there are 8 and 12 cylinder dinner plates. These came out of a storage locker and were made by Roy Judd in California. These are not mine, I’m just passing it on, I bought some from Roy years ago. The old timers will remember him as a person who had a lot of stuff, but was somewhat hard to deal with. I think the asking price is pretty high, but who knows, I can’t even remember what I paid Roy for some years ago, but it was no where near what’s being asked. The fellow who has them got them from Roy’s family.



    Yes, I think he’s too high, but I’ve actually talked to him and he sounds like a nice guy. He acquired a bunch of stuff from the Judd family and that’s where this came from. I have no dog in the hunt, just passing it on. I will say the plates are nicely done, but novelties no less….

    Ya gotta shoot for the moon to get on Mt. Everest, I guess. I seem to remember that Roy Judd had them for sale in the $20 range, but could be wrong.


    I can’t find an obituary for Roy…….does anyone know for sure he has passed? I did some business with him about four years ago……he was the same Roy I had known for a long time.


    I’m not sure that he passed, but if not then apparently his family is dividing things up, so he might not be in control anymore.

    Peter, I had the exact experience with him. After I bought something from him for the first time, he said well, at least you’re not as cheap as those other Pierce guys!

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