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    Can anyone tell me how to determine the value of an early 1900 shaft drive bicycle that is restored? It is nicely restored. Is there a value difference between and man vs a women model.


    Restored is less valuable than original………by about 50 percent………..

    Shaft drive women’s is a twenty five to fifty percent discount over male……….

    Color, hubs, rims, handlebars, pedals, and breaks also effect value………..

    Email me a photo and info and I’ll try and place a value on it. I have a 1901 Shaft Drive in the Collection………



    The other influence is whether it’s a cushion bike….spring loaded under seat and leaf spring front fork, both of which drive up prices. Ed is correct about men’s bike more valuable than lady’s bike.

    A good original shaft drive with regular suspension 2500-3000. With full cushion frame, same bike is 4000 or more. Buffalo badged bikes bring a premium over Angola badged bikes. Excellent original condition command a premium over those values.

    The problem with restoration is that a lot of collectors want original bikes, plus it’s easy to restore and put an earlier badge on it. I stay away from bikes that have screws holding badge on, originals were riveted.

    My prices are estimates based on watching the market, Ed probably has better information. There are SO many variables that add or detract value in the turn of the century (TOC) bicycle market.


    What kind of brake, coaster brakes dictate year and many were changed. 1900, 1901, and 1902 bikes must have the right wheel hubs and bearings to bring the money……many do not.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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