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    Larry Gould has died. I met Larry back in the late 70’s while I when I was 14 and working on my 31 Cadillac which had broken down on the side of the road. He was riding with Donald Ayers, and after a short conservation, we started talking about Pierce Arrow’s. At the time we had two of them in the garage. He handed me my membership application……….I remember the exact day, January 5, 1980. He and his wife were very good to a young teen who had an interest in everything old cars. If it wasn’t for Larry, I would have never ended up being a member of the PAS. Thank you Larry….for everything you have done for the club, the New England Region, and the friendship you showed to a young boy………you sure made a diffrence in my life. God Speed! Edgar R Minnie II


    Nice Story Ed. My conversations over the years with Larry were always enjoyable.

    We are certainly happy he handed you an application too. May he Rest In Peace and thoughts and Prayers are with his family.


    I met Larry when he advertised a 1936 Hupp Model N for sale. I went to look at the car as he had it in storage. I did not buy the car but got to be friends. He joined the Hupmobile club. He sent the Hupp out to be restored and I sent him some parts he needed and could not find. I last saw him in N.H. at a Gliden tour. Larry will be missed.


    Gents & Ladies,

    Both Larry and June Gould were great supporters of the national PAS and of the New England PAS in particular.

    They were both wonderful folks an they are both missed at our various PAS get-togethers.

    May they both Rest-in-Peace.


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