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    Well, shucks, nothing like verification, I’m putting together a collection of all meet attendance plaques to give to the Foundation Museum.

    Never thought of it before, but with the list that’s in the printed roster, decided to double check.


    The collection I have seems to have all the obscure early East/West coast meets.  You know, I realize there’s a core group which attends most meets, but having two meets, separate weekends, different ends of country, was an interesting idea.

    For some reason, I missed that I don’t have 1965 Buffalo meet and 1981 Stone Mountain meet.  If anyone has one of these available, I’d be glad to trade or buy it.  Also missing 2009 Temecula Ca. for some reason. I had a stack of plaques given to me and I may have misplaced it, reorganizing house so sorry if that’s the case.

    Now, for the fun part.  In the roster, the 1980 meet is listed as Bernardsville, Pa.  But, I have a 1980 Orlando Beach plaque which clearly states it’s the Pierce annual meet.  Any clarification is welcome.

    Thanks David C.





    Arrow 1980-3 has an article about the 23rd Annual PAS Meet in Bernardsville, NJ, Aug. 6-10.  Good luck on solving the mystery.  – Dave

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    The meet definitely was in Bernardsville, I was there.  That meet Plaque should have been in the ones you got from me.  I will take a second look, and if I find it  I will forward it to you.


    I do need the Bernardsville plaque, thanks Tony.

    Interesting mystery, maybe it was some prototype for a planned meet that didn’t happen in Florida. It’s metal and looks real as can be…that’s why I didn’t look for another 1980 plaque.

    Here I thought I had all the plaques, yet it just occurred to me to double check against published list!

    Thanks dc

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