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    Gents & Ladies,

    This is my Annual Reminder that today is the anniversary of the FINAL DEMISE of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company.

    That monumental event occurred on: Friday, 13 May 1938.

    Today is a day to reflect on the significance of the End of America’s Finest Motorcar.



    Yesterday May 12th was the 105th anniversary of the fender headlamp patent which was May 12,1914.


    I was lucky enough to snag this 70 page “Inventory Catalog” recently, I’m sure others exist but I’d never seen one.

    I’ll post a few pictures showing a couple of interesting things. There are no car parts listed, only plant and office equipment. Interesting to see that Pierce had it’s own plating department, I always thought they had that done off-site. Also, under welders, they list two Pierce Arrow welders! I want one of those!


    Another of the “nail in the coffin”” pictures”




    And finally…plating



    I figure that YOU were the person to prevail on that eBay auction!

    Is that catalog dated?



    No, there is no date anywhere on the catalog, which drives me crazy. There’s almost enough fun stuff in this to do an article for the ARROW, so I’ll work on that.

    And yes, I prevailed. It’s getting to the point that it’s not often something comes along I haven’t seen, but I get serious when something does pop up!

    I’m sure that this exists somewhere else, does anyone here have a copy of it, or know if it’s in the archives?


    What a great find.

    Must be fascinating to go through all of the tools and equipment that were used to build the cars.

    And Pierce Arrow branded spot welders?



    As fascinating as that book must be, I think this one is more useful. It gives you a look at the specific special tools used for repair work. Not as good as an actual repair manual, but as they do not exist this is the next best thing.


    That is a neat book, and I agree more useful! I think I have a similar one from 1932 that’s page after page of tools and equipment, similar to that one but hard cover……


    Mark, How many pages are in your Pierce, Studebaker and Rockne tool catalog?. What are the dimensions of the book? 6″ wide by 9″” tall? Or larger?

    Greg Long


    Hi Greg, the book is a softcover with removable 8-1/2 x 11 page size, page number 186 is the last one, plus I have the introduction letter which is loose in the back. It’s dated 1933 in the front index page. 90% of the content is general shop equipment, that last 10% is specific to the usage.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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