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    David Coco, do NOT have a heart attack! I finally got my engine back. Mitch wanted to make sure I got it back before my second shoulder replacement next week. Guess it will be incorporated in the physical therapy sessions, lifting a thousand pound engine.

    It is a bit dusty on the exterior, but spotless inside. The question is, what color, if any, should the timing cover and flywheel cover be, engine color or natural, or what? Are the bolts painted or some form of plating, like cadmium or black phosphate?

    Not sure if the picture will come through, it is 2.5 Mb.


    OH. MY. GOSH. You got it back, congratulations!

    For those of you who don’t understand, the rebuilder is a good friend of mine, I thought I had the record when he had one of my engines for 7 (seven) years, Bob may have beat me!

    In my case, the only thing that tempered the wait was that he was doing my engines for free, won’t go into the story but he owed me a huge favor. So huge that he said I’d never have to pay for labor again, just parts, and he’d rebuild my engines. He does excellent work, too…

    My ’31 is all black, only other block color I’ve seen that may be correct is a dark gray.

    I’m sure there are more knowledgeable people on here on the subject.


    Bob, for PAS judging you have two options on casting colors.

    Option 1; Paint all castings black.

    Option 2: front cover natural, head black, block grey, bellhousing black.

    Bolt-ons: Fan housing and bracket, water pump and water outlets, starter, generator, oil pan all black. Note: fan blades polished aluminum

    Valve covers, water manifolds, and lower water pipe most times chrome plated, but we also see them all in black. We accept both.

    All bolts are stainless or chrome plated for 1929. Pierce used high head bolts in all locations.

    Oil cap: Chrome plated

    Hope this helps, e-mail or post if you have any other questions on engine paint. Karl


    Carpenter Stainless ad for 1929 showing many of the engine bolts. Note the water manifold, exhaust manifold nuts, starter and generator bolts all stainless. Karl




    I left my cover natural metal. It is a very nice contrast to the black paint on the rest of the engine.

    Rick LeRoy


    Thanks to Karl and James Powell for their input. Time to teach the kids how to do some detail work!

    Richard, we love to live through your restoration, especially knowing we don’t have to shell out the cash you do!

    David, I beat you at 8 years. Should have had 9 pistons made. Those Aries pistons are a work of art.


    Bob, you are too kind. Also emailed you some additional info on 1929 engine compartment via Karl’s and Rick Horne’s Winter Meet presentation.


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