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    A couple of years ago there was some discussion about someone reproducing the nickel end caps for PA bumpers for the 1927-28 models.  Did anyone ever find a source?  I just found thanks to Karl Krouch a pair of tubular bumperettes for my Series 81 and will need the joined double-end caps for them.


    Jack Davis


    For the caps one solution is to use freeze plugs of the proper ID and machine the edges down to the proper size.


    I mean the cup type engine freeze plugs.   Machine the edges to the proper size then drill and counter sink the center to accept the mounting screw.


    Paul, the rear are a double bar with connecting caps. Karl



    Paul and Karl


    Thanks for the tips.  I think I see how to do it.  Wondering, though, about what kind of metal caps to use.  If they are to be nickel plated, does it matter?




    I used off the shelf freeze plugs and they plated just fine.


    Great tip.  Thanks Paul.




    Oops, there is one issue still.  On the rear bumperettes there are two parallel tubes, and originally the end caps were joined.  Small matter, I guess.  Perhaps a connecting bar could be braised between them?



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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