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    I need an Owen Dyneto 40300 cutout for my 1937 Pierce which I will probably never find. Will an Autolite 21732 cutout work? Thank you.



    You should do an eBay search with the keywords: Owen Dyneto 40300 cutout.

    I saw three of them there this morning.




    Thank you for the lead but I have been looking at eBay every day for about a year including last night using the same search argument and have found none. I looked just now and have found none again. If you saw them there they must have sold really fast.


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    You will need to replace with the correct voltage regulator. A straight  cutout will toast your generator. Your generator is  3 brush field coil regulation. It requires a regulator that is an A circuit regulator. A proper regulator can be purchased from Steiner antique tractor parts for about $40. Part number is  ABC-073. Once installed can be adjusted to provide proper voltage with headlights, etc. on. I struggled with my system for years until I finally got it right. Now works as it should. I went through several old regulators before I got it right.


    I will go ahead and get the ABC-073 regulator but I am still curious about the Autolite 21732 regulator. It looks exactly like the Owen Dyneto 40300. It is listed in my parts book as being for a 1933 Packard but it has the two posts protruding from the side as does the one for the Pierce unlike the Autolite 21262 used on most Packards which has only one post on the side.


    Regulator must have a post for the field coil wire. If you install a regulator without the proper configuration or is a B circuit regulator this could fry your generator. The Autolite 21732 may interchange but may still need to have voltage adjusted. I don’t know if is a B or A circuit regulator.

    If generator field coil lead is connected to the insulated brush at the back of the generator it is an A circuit.

    I field coil lead is connected to the grounded brush or  connected to generator frame itself it is a B circuit.

    If incorrect it is easy to see how things could melt down. I learned this the hard way since a generator man with limited knowledge cooked my generator in the past. I had to dig this old knowledge up since most of these old generator guys have ridden off into the sunset.


    It only took me 20 years to find a Owen cut out for my 36 V-12. Autolite 4000 series work and are easy to find.


    Here are some pictures of the the Owen Dyneto 40300 that is currently on my car (and doesn’t work) with the Autolite 21732 sitting next to it. Although they look identical to me could there be less than obvious differences that would make them not interchangable? Thank you in your interest and input so far.




    A few years back, I’d heard of someone upgrading Owen Dyneto generator cutouts by replacing the internal components with modern solid state voltage regulator parts.

    Has anyone utilized such an upgrade and is it still available?

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