Old “The Arrow””s and Servcice Bulletins”

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    As Greg just reminded us, the PAS meet in Indiana is less than two months away.

    I’ve been a member since 2006 and recently acquired my first car (thank you) — a Series 80 Roadster. And it will be at the meet.

    My collection of PAS literature was lost during an accident when I moved, so if someone has a 20 year or more collection which they are ready to send to a good home, I might be interested.

    So if you’re going to the Indiana meet, this would be an easy way to avoid packaging and shipping. And will keep your literature alive in the hands of a younger enthusiast.

    Let me know.

    I’m looking forward to enjoying my Roadster with all you folks and finally putting faces to all the names I’ve gotten to know.

    — Luke


    Old Arrows and Service Bulletins are available in original(when available) or copied form from “Back Issues”” in the left panel of the Member Pages. We will negotiate pricing for bulk orders.

    Dave Stevens



    Thanks, Dave—

    Good to know that older issues are available through the PAS.

    My idea was that sometimes as people sell their cars or if older members pass on, there might be a collection of publications which could use a good home rather than go to the dumpster. That’s how I acquired my complete set of Franklin “Air Cooled News”” publications some years ago.

    — Luke”


    Good morning Luke…

    I have almost 50 years of Service Bulletins (bound) if you want them. I am not going to the Meet this year (a last minute change) but I can try making arrangements to have them brought down. Let me know if you are interested. I also have bound Emporiums going back to ~1972 if you or anyone else is interested.



    Thanks very much, Rick.

    That’s exactly what I would like to have.

    I am interested and sent you a private e-mail.

    — Luke

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