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    In thinking about how to find more history on my cars, it occured to me there may be old rosters around. Joe Dalton of the Cleveland, Ohio, area, is the earliest owner of my ‘’31 that I know; that ended in the early 1990s. He may have been a PAS member The  ‘27 Series 80 was sold out of the Space Family Farm museum in New Jersey in the 1980s; I have nothing earlier.

    Anyway it’s fun and interesting to look.


    Hi Randy,  Did you include this info on your vehicle history?  We have the ability to add history comments to our vehicle.  This would ensure that all future owners know what you learned and the history stays with your vehicle/serial number and in 50 years PAS members will still be able to see this history.

    I can walk you through getting there and editing the info.  Dave White is a guru on editing vehicle history too.  Documenting our vehicle history is very important for the future.





    Have you looked at the Weis files under the “Publications” tab?  Currently, there is more information there than in the PAS vehicle records. Although Dalton is the earliest owner listed on the ’31.  I believe that Bernie went through old Rosters when he created his records. He mentions Dalton had the car in the ’66 PAS Roster as well as a ’64 CCCA Roster.  I will update your records while I am thinking about it.  Dave

    • Thanks, Dave, I have not looked at that but will.

    I bought the 1931 Series 43 from Merlin Smith; it had a couple of short-time owners in between Mr. Dalton and Merlin. After his death in 1994 Joe Dalton’s widow sold it 6-16-1995 to “The Whole Shop”, a business owned by Robert Clark. He sold it in 2001 to Jim Bibler of Cuyahoga Falls; Merlin bought it from him April 2004. It was his first Pierce-Arrow I understand.

    ”The Whole Shop” I learned, was started as a small machine shop specializing in holes; hence  it was originally named “The Hole Shop”. After expanding the shop’s capabilities the name was modified.



    I updated your cars’ records with the information from the Weis files.  If you have any further information please add it.

    Chasing a car’s history can be a lot of fun although at times frustrating. I am still trying to find documentation that my ’28 Touring was originally owned by Al Jolson as I have been told by prior owners.  New York DMV told me they had registration records on my car but refused to give them to me due to privacy issues.  Grrrrr.


    More information: I bought the 1927 Series 80 2-door coach 8022114 from Ev Young circaMay 2016. Original engine number on firewall tag is 8022200; number on the right front engine boss is 8016871 (actually in the car now).

    I have a copy of a title showing the car was owned by Space Farms of Sussex, NJ, issued May 24, 1989. I understand they sold some vehicles from the museum at auction after the founder’s death, as part of the estate settlement, and this was one of them. The title is signed on the back Eric Space, VP Space Farms, but no buyer is listed.

    I did not know any other history so that listed in Mr. Weis’s work is new to me. Thanks.


    By the way: anyone have a Series 80 engine number 8022200 itvwas originally in my Series 80. Would like to have it of course!

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