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    I am installing the firewall through connections and have a question on the oil pressure gauge line that runs from engine port next to the starter up the firewall and turns into the rubber grommet to the gauge in the dash. Pictures I have taken of various cars have various versions starting with a flexible rubber line transitioning to a copper line before going through the firewall. I have seen both 1/8 and 1/4 inch copper tube, but I believe the connection to the gauge is 1/4. I am wondering if the flexible rubber line portion is actually per original or if they were replaced because of cracking in an original 1/4″ copper line from flexing. The one reference I could find on the PASB search was from 1964 and wasn’t available.

    Thanks for any help. Jim



    What issue was referenced when you did the PASB search?  I’ll see if I have it for you and also get it uploaded.



    Dave, thanks for looking it up. The reference from the report server is below I didn’t know things went back that far but looks like it is in the 1964 Arrow issue #3! – before the PASB’s?

    I forgot to mention mine is a 1935 845, but a ’33 836 is probably relevant if you have it.


    The Arrow – Pressure, Oil Gauge – Tubing Replacement, 1933-
    Subject(s):Motor, Lubrication system
    Model:836, 1236, 1242, 1247
    Publication Title:The Arrow
    Publication Year:1964
    Issue #:3
    Page #:14



    In the early years the newsletters/magazines kind of bounced around.  That article is in an issue of the Arrow.  The Arrows are not currently on line. While looking into this I noticed there are duplicate issues of the PASB for 1964, there were actually only two I believe.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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