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    Does anyone have picture or diagram of the external oil piping for a ’33 836.

    I have a 2 outlet bypass valve coming out of the block. One goes to the oil filter and I guess the other “T”‘s into the outlet pipe from the oil filter to the block return?

    Thanks in advance



    I can send pictures of my ’33/836 piping.  I don’t however know if it is authentic.  I have cleaned the whole area and reinstalled the oil cooler, etc. exactly as it was when I got the car about a year ago. Those parts appear to be as original.  The car is relatively low millage at 50,000 miles.  Regards,  Don




    Thanks for the offer, I will take you you up on it.

    Sate safe and thanks again.




    oil bypass routing #1



    Ok, that gives me my answer. I don’t know that the parts are authentic, but I can follow the flow.

    Thanks for the help.



    Hi Bill,

    Attached is a photo of the correct full-flow oil circuit with horizontal filter on an original 836 (Larry Smothers’).



    PS: John Cislak makes the correct lines.


    Thank you Bob and Don,

    Here are the 2 relief valves I have.  The top is supposedly ’33 and the bottom is ’35 and has a small fitting out of the top right angle elbow.


    Based on the picture of Larry’s car. This valve is directly under the oil filter but has only one opening. The 2 I have have 2 outlets and a sliding cap and sleeve internally which I think bypasses the oil if there is too much pressure to the filter (clogged?)

    There are 2 part numbers and there appears to be a break at engine 235121.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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