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    I’d received permission from the author of the “lighting” article to both post it on this forum, and allow it to be put in the PAS Service Bulletin.

    The article was published in the ACD magazine, and the author of the article is actually in charge of the “certification” procedure for the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club. My 1937 Cord phaeton had gone through this procedure, during which all numbers are captured off the car and the car is authenticated as having original factory parts, even if not the ones the car was born with.

    As such, he had the numbers for my car.

    While talking about the article, he mentioned that he’d just bought a pile of Cord parts, and thought he had the original engine out of my car. I knew it had a replacement engine, very common, that had probably been put in by the “factory” in Auburn in the 1950’s, while they were still doing maintenance there. One clue to the factory work was my transmission, which had traces of red paint, the color a rebuilt transmission was painted for identification.

    So, turns out he has the original engine out of my Cord, FB-2035, as verified by my original data plate. I’ve made a deal for the engine, it is now 3 hours away from me, and I plan to pick it up in a couple of weeks.

    A few people had asked me to post the rest of the story on this forum, so sorry it’s off topic, but it came about BECAUSE of the PAS forum! Thanks!


    engine number


    data plate on my car


    That’s great news David!

    Even if you never install the engine your car can always be sold as a true numbers matching set.

    Is the engine serviceable or was there some really bad damage to the block that made the service dept swap the block?

    Or did they do the swap to speed up the turn around process?



    That is Fantastic. Thank you for sharing the rest of the story.



    The gentleman selling the engine to me is well known in the ACD Club, and he tells me he can see no obvious damage to block, although there is some wear in the cylinders.

    That was my thought too, why was it pulled out in the first place? There could still be a minor crack that leaked, I guess, and isn’t obvious, or it could have started burning oil, guess I’ll never know.

    No plan to rebuild it, the engine in the car now runs fine, but I think it’s really good to have the correct engine with the car. I never dreamed it was still out there, so was very surprised when this was found.

    For those who don’t know, my Cord has never been restored. It’s had a bad paint job, so I call it “unrestored”” and not “”original””….

    Thanks for interest….”


    Picture of Cord


    Fantastic find………and on the shelf as just as good as in the car!


    Ooooo! I love Cords and would be quite proud of a “static display”!


    Thanks for the Paul Harvey, “Rest of the Story”! (And for taking this conversation off topic in the first place, I apologize again to those that need to hear it)! I can now sleep nights as I have been worried sick about the rest of your Cord Engine story! We can never foretell the future, but I would be willing to bet that, sometime in the future, the original engine will find its way back into the car. Thanks for sharing the story. Even we P-A guys can appreciate your Cord opportunity!



    I have a best friend up here, and he’s into brass cars and such. He owns a great Stoddard Dayton speed car he rebuilt from pieces.

    He has little interest in Classic cars, he thinks they’re too hard to push, seriously….

    Even he got excited when I told him the original engine had been found. He said “what are the odds, engine separated for over fifty years, and you find it…”

    Fun stuff, thanks to all for your comments…dc


    It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. A great story for a national publication, and not just a “car”” magazine.”


    Quite a bit of serendipity! And the increase in the value of the car should exceed your cost in the future. Congratulations to David and our Society Message Board.



    Interesting thing popped up after I pressed “submit”” on the previous post.

    This popped up on my screen:

    Deprecated: MySQL_escape_string(): This function is deprecated; use MySQL_real_escape_string()instead.

    …and repeated 7 more times followed by a different “”Deprecated”” message and then a line starting with WARNING.

    I had to close out and re-enter the website to get it to go away.



    And then the same thing happened again??????


    David, That is a great story, with an even better ending. I’ve never had been a number matching fan until now, having the exact engine in such a fantastic rare car is incredible especially when it was pulled out so long ago. Good for you!


    And yes there’s something wrong with the forum… same thing as above, if my picture works y’all can see it…


    I got that once also.



    Great story, glad you got the engine!

    Don Benham



    Amazing a blog about LED Headlights would turn out so well. I love the way things work out sometimes. God only knows where we will be led. I still like the idea of having a Blog for unrelated Pierce vehicles.


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