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    After a few years of working on our 836A salon model,Up the ramp that was purchased from Allen Strong and was part of John Parks car collection in Oakland California; the car is off to the upholstery shop. I have a few things to finish up yet like painting the spare tire covers and restoring the hub caps. Special thanks to Allen strong who spent hours and hours searching for the parts that were separated from the car and stored in st Louis. Should be on the road this spring.

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    Even now the car looks great.  Look forward to seeing it!


    Looks great, a big milestone, congrats! A huge amount of work to get to this point. I am hoping to get there in a few months myself.


    hello out there

    the car looks great and I hope you finish it soon. I am interested in what material you are using to upholster the interior with. I have a 1936 which has been savaged by moths of all things and Ned’s a complete refurbish and I am havin great trouble finding period material.

    any information on this subject will be gratefully recieved

    Frank Solano



    Bill Hirsch has a good variety of authentic wool broadcloths, including some of the subtle striped patterns. They are listed as “Packard striped” but look like a good match to what I could interpret from my original  Pierce fabric.


    The Packard striped wool from Hirsch is the closest material I found to the original Pierce upholstery for my 1703.. Most lot numbers of this material have a purplish tinge to the gray. Some lots have a pure gray tint – ask for samples of all Hirsch’s lots to find the best available color match. I got about four or five samples and ordered the grayest among them.


    Beautiful! Share more photos!

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