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    Taking my 1930 model b to the glass shop this morning still have a little bit of work to do 2 more months should have it running and driving


    Hi Eric,

    What is the back-story on this car?  Something to effect that it was an incomplete partial body only…

    And what’s that red thing up front, a Detroit Diesel?

    Enquiring minds in PAS will want to hear, as Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story…”

    I’m trying to head-off the vigilante tar and feathers brigade now forming for YOU!

    Hope you & Chris are ready for Spring,




    It’s a 24 valve p pump cummins diesel with compound turbos i should be pushing around 550 hp at the rear wheels it’s sad to say there was not to much left of the model 80 so i made something out of nothing was going to use it for my toe vehicle i am still deciding on that


    The good news is that you have saved one more Pierce from the scrap heap. It will be an interesting vehicle to see when you finish with it. Have fun with this project. See you at the next East Coast event.  Herb


    Yes Stu it was a body only car that I bought on line in Sacramento Ca. It was pretty rough to say the least. All the wood was either dry rotten or gone and about 4 inches rusted off bottom. Must have sat on the dirt for a very long time.It was probably a parts car everything was striped off just the shell left.So I squared it all up welded braces inside remove wood and replace with tubing and realign all 4 doors that was a pretty big job just to get those doors to shut right .Then I cut it in half and added 8 make it wider in the front because those cars are pretty tight .Took a 1997 dodge one ton pick up frame lowered it 7 inches in the center and bolted the shell on it with 6 body mounts . Cut a roof off a 2007 Ford van and screwed it on with sheet metal screws .The body train is a Cummins p pump 24 valve with a NV4500 manual 4×4 5 speed transmission to keep it short. Topped off with a gear vender .4 wheel disk brakes and at the end of I all Dana 80 with 3.55 gears. I would like to cruise around 80 mph but Stu that is not the rest of the story . To be continued…

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