New Pierce-Arrow owner Andrew Berg

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    Many of you will remember Luke Dwyer, who was at his first Pierce Arrow annual meet in Angola, IN in June 2019. Luke passed away unexpectedly in July 2019, only 3 months after taking delivery of his first ever Pierce Arrow, a 1925 Runabout. The photo below is Luke picking up his car in Florida.

    Antique cars were Luke’s most important passion. Over the years he owned Franklins, Model Ts, Packards, and this particular Pierce Arrow. He was well-known in old car circles for his technical expertise, writing technical articles for many years for the Franklin Club.

    Luke willed his car to me when he died. We had become friends in 2009 when I was a college student. Luke taught me to drive his cherished 1926 Packard (as well as other important life skills, like how to ride a motorcycle and the finer points of craft beers).

    I’d like to believe he willed this car to me because he knew it would find a good home. Greg Long has been helping get me started, and met me in New York to pick up the car and teach me the basics of driving. We packed up the car yesterday and are in the process of bringing it west to Nevada where I live. We’ll swing by Michigan to visit Greg’s shop and put it up on the lift, a very similar journey that Luke took when he first bought it.

    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself so that when the questions start coming, you guys know who I am!

    -Andrew Berg


    Hi, Andrew, and welcome! That Series 80 is a fine, durable car, and the open models are special fun.

    I met Luke at Angola and admired his car; a sad story with a great outcome. You will have many happy times with the Series 80 and there are a lot of resources here to assist you. I know this from personal experience!


    Welcome , and thanks for posting about your amazing leap into Pierce ownership. I met Luke at Angola. A short acquaintance was enough to realize what a great loss to us all, was his early passing. It’s nice to have you join us.


    Welcome Andrew!   I also met Luke at Angola and he was ecstatic in regard to recently receiving his first Pierce.  He was also thankful for the help he already received at that time from Members such as Greg Long.  Seems your down that path already which is great.  Enjoy the car!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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