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    I am going to look at a car in Houston on Monday and in anticipation of buying it, need to arrange for how to get it home.

    I need transport from Houston, TX to Albany, NY which is roughly southwestern Vermont.

    Can anyone make a recommendation for someone they would trust to do a good job? I am looking for door-to-door without transferring between trucks along the way.

    I posted on the AACA forum and got a quote from Bill Squires of Bill’s Auto Works. Price is reasonable but I’ve never heard of him.

    Thanks — Luke


    Keep looking for posts regarding Bill, he has a great reputation and he was willing to stand up for a referral he made to me when I bought the 31. I wish I had waited for him to be available for my haul!



    I’ve used Horseless Carriage twice; both times I called around and Horseless Carriage had the best rates. Their trailers were immaculate and drivers called along the route to advise arrival date/time.

    Good luck, Stu


    I would stay away from Passport. It took over three months for them to deliver the car when two to three weeks was promised, communication from them was non existent and the car was damaged when it arrived.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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