N.H. Charity Car Show

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    Sunday I took my 1927 Model 36 Limo to the N.H. Charity car show. I did not get a count of cars but the wife says there were at least 200. My Pierce got the Boston Cup Trophy and the Pre- War Runner Up Trophy. By the way I was the only one that got 2 trophy’s See Pic


    The Boston Cup came with an invitation to the Boston Cup Car Show on the Boston Common which is by invitation only for 100 cars. I thought this was quite an honor.


    Congratulations, Chuck!!!


    Impressive win! Could we see a picture of your car?




    More pic


    More pic This crest was reproduced the very same as it is in the sales booklet.


    I have always said Dale loved the beauty of the car and beautiful trophy’s and I love presenting the car in its beauty. We were a great team until we lost him.


    This is another reason you should do your best to KEEP that car. It’s such a GEM. !!

    Greg Long


    Thanks, rare and fit for a king.


    That is a beautiful car! Congratulations on the wins!

    Don Benham


    There you go, makin’ us all proud. Beautiful Car!


    Great car!!!


    I would like to thank you all for the kind words. If it was not for a great man who new I would take of this car and show it to the public as much as I can this would not be possible. It was truly a gift that a poor boy like me could never buy. Thank you Dale.


    Was this Jim Viara’s car?


    We bought the car from Jim King in Big Rock Ill. To our knowledge it was previously owned by Edwin George Oberhaus.


    It was at the 2012 PAS Annual Meet in Kalamazoo and Gilmore.

    A very beautiful vehicle.


    Congrats on the awards from the show.

    I am very glad you were able to work out keeping the car and that you are showing and enjoying that fine automobile.


    Very Nice


    Do to a new development to my health, I have to sell the car. I reduced the price to $75,000. It also comes with an invitation to the Boston Cup September 29 2019 on the Boston Common.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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