My ’34 Convertible Coupe has sold

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    FYI I posted a for sale ad for my ’34 in the Emporium and it has sold.



    That was a quick sale.

    Is the new owner a PAS member?





    How do you know that? I haven’t disclosed his name to anyone. Is he talking?



    Aaannnnddddd, here’s the ’34!



    Maybe this will make the link work.


    Thank you Bill. I enjoyed that video a lot


    Bill, he called me looking for advice buying a V-12 more than a year ago, and was looking for information on several cars, he asked me if I knew your car…….helping out a friend. I have not disclosed to anyone who purchased the car, nor will I, I didn’t think there was any issue answering whether or not they were a club member. To be honest, I probably get a phone call on 90 percent of the Pierce cars offered for sale when listed here, hemmings, AACA, HCCA, ect. Often times cars that belong to friends I just don’t comment on, as I don’t wish to get involved. Since I knew your car, and your reputation as having only good cars, that run and drive better than 99 percent of what is out there, I felt comfortable in recommending the car to the new owner. FYI- I recieved calls from five different people on your car………My Best, Ed

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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