motor compartment before and after.

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    1929 DC phaeton under the hood before and after.




    Trunk before and after




    Great pics and spectacular result. Big question is “Where are the 3 horns””?”


    side view before and after














    Factory vacum


    Catalog pic


    The real deal


    Wow what a fantastic car.


    Thank you Ken and Twila,

    It is a long time coming. A bit blingy for the purists, but I love it. Uphostry next and then to the road!!! Maybe a Pierce gathering or two as well.



    Speaking as a purist (reluctantly, as a path for these beloved cars having a

    chance at a long future),I believe that P. A. factory policy was similar to

    successful hamburger joints…you could have them built your way!


    When you said “factory vacuum”” I thought of the vacuum cleaner in my memorabilia collection!”


    Hi DAVE.

    I have seen the stand up one too. Its super cool. I do wonder why they did not put the name on the small one. Even in the catalog, the little one had the vacum factory bag on it.

    How old is your stand up?

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 27 total)
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