Metal fatigue lower crankshaft pulley 1930 Model C

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    On start up, at the Lancaster meet, Wednesday morning we could hear the belt chirping. Before we could send driver Liz Horne out for the days tour to Hershey we checked the belt and saw it was loose. After tightening it, it was loose again! My 1930 had left me down for the first time in years. We saw the crack and knew there would be no parking lot repairs. With the belt off we made it to the show field and back, but no touring this year. It could have been an ugly day if parts went flying on the way to Hershey.

    Back home and with a good one sourced from John Cislak I swapped the front lower pulley. Pierce left enough room to place a puller on it and not have to remove the hood and radiator. I was glad they did this, and figure it was so you could replace the timing chain with the engine in the car.  We are back on the road again.



    Glad you got it straightened out with minimum aggravation.

    Great meet!



    Don Benham

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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