Lithograph Duplex oil cans

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    A Duplex/Pierce Arrow can just sold on Ebay for over $600.

    Very strong for a can in less than good condition.

    Problem is these cans appeal to a number of levels of collectors. Pierce Arrow memorabilia, oil cans, lithograph….

    Either way, that seems high to me for a can in this condition, but what do I know?!?!?



    That is the going price, empty or full.

    A few years ago at Hershey I was sitting in Rick Horne’s tent chatting with Liz and a guy came walking in and asked if I was interested in buying a can just like above, but FULL / Unopened / Perfect condition for $100.00.

    I was on that faster than a dog on a dropped steak.

    When Rick came back and heard the story he was quite reasonably upset, as after all, his tent and the sign “WE BUY PIERCE-ARROW PARTS” was the reason the guy stopped.

    I then sold it to him for cost, even though he later flipped me an additional $50.00.

    Those can are unbelievably difficult to find.

    The one that is even more difficult to find is the DUPLEX Special Compound can for the Series 80, that is about 12-inches long and 2-inches thick and fits under the front seat.



    Thanks Peter.

    I guess it’s the “special compound” that makes it a tough to find can. I only have 5 cans,the 1 gallon motor oil underseat, 1 gallon motor oil square, a 5 gallon motor oil, a smaller grease can, and a Hypoid compound.

    Guess I need to adjust my pricing expectations!


    the other 2


    I was following the auction too, and was surprised with the price but I had no idea their value. I had several offers for mine which in effect came with my car, but I still don’t plan on selling it even seeing that ending.


    Price on the small square cans can run up to 1500 each……condition is everything. As for my perfect five gallon can……..I refused a huge number for it……….I was told it was a world record price for the size and type of can. Someday it will belong to the PAS Foundation, along with a bunch of other stuff……….they can put it on top of the ice box I have on display.


    Ed mentions his five gallon can, perfect, mine is very nice not perfect. I’ve told this story before, probably.

    Ed was coming through town and we went out to eat. During dinner, he mentioned he had found the five gallon can. I was jealous of course, but glad he found it!

    The next day, I thought, gee, where would I find a five gallon can? Hmmm, how about Buffalo? So, I went to Craigslist Buffalo, and it’s beyond belief, but there was one listed. I contacted the guy, he’d found it in the rafters of a barn at an old property outside of Buffalo. We made a deal.

    What are the odds of that, and the timing had to be perfect!




    That’s the best, Ed! No more pictures, though, I’m going to feature it in the Motorcycle issue of the Great Arrow!


    Sorry! Just having fun………I’ll remove it.


    You didn’t have to remove it! I was just sort of throwing a teaser out for the Museum newsletter!


    …and this one appeared briefly on EBay today, someone snapped it up at the buy it now of 275.

    Never seen the smalll one gallon oil before, 5x5x10 high….

    Wonder how the buyer will get the paint off? I know the toy train guys get paint off, saving lithograph….


    Try this

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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