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    Here’s a nitty-gritty question. In 1928 did PA have any special sort of nuts/bolts to attach license plates to the brackets on their cars? Some vehicles had red and green reflecting knobs affixing the plates, Chevy I think. Haven’t a clue what P would had put on their cars coming out of the factory.

    Jack Davis


    Not that I know of. If you use reflector fasteners, they should be glass, not plastic.


    I would expect to see a nickel finished slot screw, with washers and a square nut. All in a brushed nickel surface. That’s what is on most Pebble beach cars on the field from 1928. 29 and on, it’s usually bolts.


    Good advice from both of you. Thanks. Think I’ll go with the nickel bolts.



    Stainless Steel slot screws look like nickel when polished and using square nuts is nuts, unless you are restoring to Pebble Beach standards.



    Peter…… there any other standard?


    One advantage of using square nuts is that the points on square nuts tend to bite into the surface the nut touches, often allowing the bolt to be tightened using only a screwdriver.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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