Lead: 1936 Club Sedan for Sale

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    This 1936 Club sedan is for sale. I have driven this car a few years ago and was impressed with how solid and how fast the car was.

    This is the only photo I can find right now.

    The interior and instrument panel were very nice.

    And for me, i like the all-black and chrome look.

    1936 model1601 8cyl club sedan 2215353

    Contact the owner directly:

    Frank Solano

    Preston, Ct

    860 861 9882 cell

    860 204 9820 home


    I know the car…….its very nice.


    This very solid car came out of the Jim Weston collection in California and was donated to the Piece-Arrow Museum. We had done multiple tours with the car and it was a very reliable nice driving 1601. Since we already had an identical 1601 Club it was eventually sold to Mr. Solano in 1916. As a part of the package we included a set of used whitewalls, but don’t know if he ever put them on the car.

    If not for the appearance of conflict of interest as the Museum Director, I would have bought it and sold our trusty Beige 1601 5P Sedan. Frank told me that John Cislak has done some maintenance work on this car and I’m sure John can provide confirmation of its condition. Frank is selling the car due to a terminal illness. Let’s hope this goes to a new owner soon so we can see it out at P-A events once again.

    Dave Stevens


    It is a nice example and I know it will make its next caretaker happy. I rode in her on-tour at Gilmore and at Hershey.

    Prayers for Mr. Solano who I met at Hershey when she was on offer.


    This is the car that I kicked myself in the butt over. I hesitated before making an offer on this car, and called Merlin the day after it was sold at Hershey. If I had the room…….

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