Lack of part and/or vehicle pricing

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    It has been the policy of the Society for many years for items to be priced in the publications.  This has not been the policy as of late, as many parts, and vehicles are posted without prices.  If in fact this ruling has changed, please advise.  If not, let us enforce the pricing policy as it use to be



    Tony is correct. That has been the policy for decades. I do not recall any changes being discussed, much less voted on by the PAS Board of Directors. That should be done at the February meeting.

    Dave Stevens


    I likewise recall that posting prices on the Emporium required posting an offering price.

    I also have some recollection that one should not post items for sale on the Message Board, but that you can post the availability of an item and then direct people to the Emporium to view said item / items with pricing.

    I believe this policy should continue and enforced, even if in the past I was guilty of various infractions in posting a price on a piece I was offering for sale.

    Rick Morrison, are you the Gent to enforce this practice?

    Could you contact PAS members who make an error and post without pricing?

    It is not a Huge Deal, but an important detail that we should not overlook.




    From the beginning of my term as Editor (~2005), I have operated under the assumption that listing selling prices for items sold through The Emporium  was only mandatory for vehicle sales. It was up to me to police that requirement (requiring manual intervention on my part) and I’m sure some for sale car ads got through without a listed selling price. Members, however, were (and continue to be) encouraged to include selling prices when posting non-vehicle for sale ads. A scan of recent issues of The Emporium reveals that most for sale ads have a selling price.  To clarify this issue, either the existing policy or, failing that, a new policy document should produced.





    You do an Excellent Job running the PAS Emporium!

    Thank You!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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