Just Warmed Her Up Today

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    After shoveling the three inches of frozen sleet off the driveway today I decided to warm up my Pierce and myself for a while.  Started her right up, turned on the heater after a while (eat your hearts out) and of course listened to the newly installed Pierce Arrow/Philco Model ME radio.  No fewer than four cars stopped and asked me about the car, and it led to some interesting conversations.  Next step will be taking the wheels off to be rebuilt.  I had two sets of jack stands already recalled by Harbor Freight Tools, so I ordered a set of Made in USA jack stands last month, and I guess since all of the recalls of Chinese stands, the US manufacturers are swamped.  I didn’t take the car out of the garage as there was all kinds of salt around, but it’s nice sometimes just to sit in the car and watch the world go by.



    Good for you. I am envious that you have a running car you can do that with, in spite of the snow.

    I relegated my Horrible Freight stands to fully collapsed mode under my wooden boat project. Got some over kill 3 ton ones at NAPA for the cars.

    How cold was it? No problems starting, amazing.


    Happy New Year.


    It was in the mid 20’s but dropping.  We had been caught with a snow/sleet mixture, and I had 4 inches of ice to clear from the driveway, alley, and living on a corner, along the side and front of the house.  I had to crack a lot of it up with a pick before shovelling.  Needless to say, I skipped the gym that day, and my back is still hurting.  Yes, I’ve been very fortunate with my Pierce.  PAS Members Bill Morris, Bob Lederer, and the Scott Stantsky all helped in getting it running.  Now, this car actually purrs.

    One point I’d like to bring up is that my car has a forced air heating system with a tube running along the exhaust to pick up heat from the exhaust to warm the car.  I understand it’s a common system in Cadillac and LaSalle, but not in Pierce.  Just as an added safety measure, I installed a CO2 meter behind the dash to go off in case there are any carbon monoxide leaks developing.  After this summer I’m really looking forward to Hershey this year.

    After working in world trade for almost 50 years, I’ve learned never to buy Chinese products, and I hate it when there is no other choice.  The quality simply can’t be trusted.



    I have the same heating set up in my ’32. One heat vent for the front, and one for the back. it is currently disconnected. I will get pictures if interested.


    Thanks Curtis, but I have seen the whole system top and bottom.  When Scott Stansty changed the clutch on the power brake system, we had to take out the front floorboard to get at it.  Had to take the whole thing out and put it back together again.  I keep the detector under the dash as a precaution, although there are no obvious leaks.  The air intake is on the right side of the block, and the flexible tube runs along the exhaust pipe with an outlet on the right side of the front seat and the middle of the passenger compartment.


    Sounds like a fun day! The different heater arrangements used in the early days of the automobile are somewhat interesting. My Series 80 had an air duct on top of or surrounding the exhaust manifold with a round port in the firewall; nothing  but the port is left.
    my favorite is the “Whirlwind” gasoline heater made by Stewart-Warner. Interesting design, very effective.

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