Intercom System for Enclosed Drive Limousine

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    Does anyone have a circa 1933 EDL with an intercom system between the passenger and driver? My car is missing the microphone in the passenger compartment while all other parts are present. I’d appreciate it if someone could take a picture of the microphone and installation in their car so I can try and find a similar unit for my car. John Cislak has the drivers speaker and push button for the system for sale, but I have those parts already. Research indicates that the system was made by Dictaphone, and I suspect that the same system was used in many high end limousines.

    Think this might be a good excuse to visit Hershey this year.


    There is a 1935 EDL that’s listed on eBay by the St Louis Car Museum. One of the interior photos shows a disk which could be a speaker port just about head height on the right sidewall by the rear passenger seat. Here’s a link to the listing:

    And here’s the photo from the listing. Would there have been much change from 1933 to 1935?


    There was a rear microphone for sale on eBay for months……they come up fairly often.


    Here is one………not cheap…….I would expect to find a hand unit alone for 500 or less.


    Photo won’t post. 202565630022 is the eBay number.


    Ed, I find no matches using that number.


    Yes…..that unit is a 28-29 and maybe some 30’s. The Pierce unit from 33 wasn’t so deco looking. Keep an eye out, you will see one.


    When I get home I will take pictures and post them of the microphone in the back of my ’29.

    It should be the original one but the driver compartment has no speaker and the headliner and everything but the seat is original leather.

    I was wondering if the speaker was once under the dash but I have only seen them in the headliner or above the divider window.


    Speaker may be in the headliner……or the kick panel.


    Thanks all. It appears that the correct installation would be a speaker/microphone installed at face level in the headliner just beyond the third window. The layout of the vanity on my car is the same as the 1935 pictured, so I would assume that the speaker/microphone would also be identical. Got to look around for one! My car has a speaker for the driver over the driver’s head in the drivers compartment. I mentioned the expensive system that was on eBay to a friend and he mentioned that he had seen a similar unit to that one in an original mid teens Pierce limousine.


    The 1935 Limo on eBay also has a speaker for the driver over the driver’s seat. Here’s the photo. If that’s the same as the speaker/mic in your car then I would think the back seat one would also be the same as the one in the ’35.


    Mine is similar. Instead of chrome finish, it’s matte black, and the pattern is somewhat different. About the same size.


    Microphone in the rear of my ’29 EDL.


    Driver’s compartment.



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