intake and exhaust valves plus valve springs

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    Hi all, still working on our 1934 5 passenger club sedan. Does anyone know where we can get 12 intake valves, 12 exhaust valves and 24 valve springs?

    We are going to Hershey again this year and will be searching for parts. We do set up and can be found at C4E 41,42,43. Thanks! Appreciate any info you might have.

    Glenn & Christi Wengerd


    Egge Machine


    Cislak has valves in stock, he made springs for years but they are gone now, he should have good used springs. His valves come with new guides.


    I’d be wary of Egge, their quality isn’t what it used to be….but that’s my experience with their pistons, maybe their valves are OK….


    The quality of Egge’s products has improved in recent years.


    Here is a link to John’s valves. Somewhere in my semi functioning brain cells, I remember that some of the valves were current diesel that were machined to take the PA keeper system, or something like that. Point being they were modern technology

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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