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    J. C. Taylor Insurance, the Official Insurer of Pierce-Arrow Society and Pierce-Arrow Museum has just saved my hobby! Jane, noticing that I am having too much Pierce-Arrow fun, has started her car collection. She has just added a 2006 Cadillac SLR to go with her 2017 Mazda Miata and 2007 Corvette, in spite of the fact I told her “YOU CAN’T DRIVE BUT ONE AT A TIME!” and “How MANY ARE ENOUGH?” Added to our family vehicle insurance they come at a cost of over $2K EACH. J.C.Taylor has just added all three to our antique policy as “Collector Cars, Limited to pleasure driving” at a cost of $680 for all three. This includes both liability and collision.


    Wow! That frees up extra cash

    For another Pierce-Arrow…


    I will admit to being surprised that a 2017 car can be considered a “collector” car and insured as such. I suppose it all depends on how they define collector, and what they do in the event of a claim.

    It reminds me of how I took my 1932 Packard to a Hemmings Cruise Night and was turned away because a large number of the available spaces were taken by Toyotas, Hondas and other cars made in the 21st Century. But although being miffed, I soon realized that there wasn’t much there of interest to me anyway and enjoyed a slow drive home through the countryside on a beautiful spring evening.

    — Luke


    Our local car club basically exists to put on one local show a year, during the local festival. We rarely get more than 2-3 cars predating WWII. Muscle cars and hot rods predominate.


    After 37 years with J.C. Taylor I finally gave up this year and switched to Hagerty. Taylor no longer has any local brokers in my end of the state, and my new “brokers” became a succession of other national insurance companies – Wells Fargo, then HUB with no contact information to make policy changes. The total premium was less with Hagerty even though I added an additional collector car to the policy. My local Allstate agent was able to be my Hagerty broker.



    Don’t mean to hijack Merlin’s thread. .

    But just my experience,

    I use Hagerty now.

    Ever since I was 16 years old I had used JC Taylor, but then maybe five or more years ago Taylor’s customer service went to near zero. Just awful. I tried to remove and add a car to my policy, was switched from one agent to another, nobody could help. . . finally got someone in Pakistan who could barely speak English. . . . I said enough.

    That’s when I looked into Hagerty. The premium was lower and the customer service is top notch. Always swift, prompt, thorough and considerate. I’m very happy. Don’t know what happened to JC Taylor, but I see no reason to switch back for my needs.

    — Luke


    I was one of JC Taylor’s first clients, going back to 1964. I started with Robert Wallace’s father, then his brother Richard, and now Robert. From completely refinishing my 31 Pierce after an acid rain attack at the Glens Falls meet($22,000) to questions about coverage, I have never had a problem. I have never compared premium prices, either. When I feel secured and cared for, I have no desire to shop.


    Tony is exactly right.

    If you feel secure and if you feel that you are getting good customer service, then that’s what counts. Not necessarily someone else’s experience.

    I left JC Taylor because I did not feel well cared for. I do at Hagerty. Tony does at Taylor.

    I suppose the real test is when someone has a claim in recent times, like the past few months. How did the company handle your case? Did you feel that you were well cared for and fairly compensated? Thank God I’ve never had a claim.

    — Luke

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