inside of back up light on 1929

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    HI all,

    Could anyone supply a photo of the inside of the center bucket( back up light),on the tri-light brake set up on a 1929?

    Thank you so much. Rick


    On my 31 the center bucket is the red running light with the license plate cutout, the backup is on the left and the brake light on the right side of it. Are they different in 29?? Or is that the one you need to get a picture of?

    My left bucket is off right now, but here’s a picture of the center one in case it would help.


    And another one


    PS, if anyone has a good left bucket with rim and glass backup lens they would part with, I’d be interested…

    My left bucket is a mess and I don’t have the rim or lens, Thanks


    Thank you all for the photos of the center bucket. It all makes perfect sense now.



    Thank you Bill, I now see these are similar but different… I’m not very knowledgeable about the exact years of changes and thought they would be the same.



    I was in the same boat until I found that article. The Type “A”” seems to be more common.



    That link skips 1930.

    Is there a reason for that?


    The Type A taillamp was used through 1930.


    Society member Bill James in Illinois has reproduction lenses for some P-A applications available for sale including the Type A and reverse lenses.

    He is in Florida for the winter but can probably be contacted by e-mail.

    His cell phone is 815-291-3541

    Dave Stevens


    Richard Leroy: The inside of the center light bucket was painted bright-white.. Since there was no reflector, this helps reflect the light from the bulb out through the tailight lens and down onto the license plate.

    The reflectors for the reverse light and the brake light were plated in silver, for best reflection of light.

    Make sure you have good ground connections for the tailight stand and assembly, Otherwise you will have erratic and extra-dim lights.

    Greg Long


    I need two reflectors and a red ribbed lens,if anyone has spares. I’m putting together a second light for my 31 to possibly put on right side.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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