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    Is there a trick or a catch securing inside door and window handles?  I am afraid we may have to remove the handles and partially remover the fabric to access a lock problem on the 32 Series 54 (Jane’s Car).  One of the screws securing the outside door handle on the passenger side rear door is stripped, and I have to get inside to see if I can insert a nut or otherwise secure it.  Presume this will be inside the lock.  Already saw Dave Stevens’ note about being careful with the window trim and bradded door fabric, and we also discussed this with the upolsterer who did the interior, so care is the watchword.


    Is there a possibility if doing this from the outside with a helicoil or oversize screw? On my 35 the screws are threaded directly into the door panel, removing both allows the outside handle to be withdrawn and a clear shot to the threads to drill and retap.


    Jim: Thanks! I had assumed that it was threaded into the lock, and I’d have to partially remove the interior fabric and interior handles to remove it.  I will now look in carefully now that we have the car unloaded and back in the MI “barn”.  If in the door the next size larger bolt or a helicoil or a threadsert sounds very attractive, depending on how much space behind the support plate exists.


    Dave, again mine is a ’35 so your results may vary, but on mine you can’t even get to the threads from the inside without removing the wood framing. Here is a close-up of mine from the outside showing the threaded backup plate welded to the inside door panel.

    I happen to be in the process of installing my door and windowDoor threads hardware now.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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