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    I am looking for a source for hood vent springs for my 36 1601


    These are scarce items.  Paul Johnson has been looking for one for a friend for a long time.  I found I have only one spare for my car left.  Perhaps John Cislak or someone would repo these



    My ’35 hood is semi buried in the attic and I can’t see the inside at the moment to see these springs. Is their purpose to be just a friction source to hold the door in any position or are they doing an over-center to keep the door in either fully closed or fully open? My doors have friction and no apparent over-center action.

    I am wondering if someone has a picture they could post of one of these springs to see the configuration and dimensions?

    I have ordered small batches of 10 of various springs for my Pierce if I can find a close enough facsimile,  or  if nothing workable custom springs  can be done for a small batch with a setup charge. The last time I had a special spring quote it was something like $700 for maybe 10 springs, I managed to hand wind them myself but they were small gauge wire.


    The doors are either held in the full open or closed position.  I am in Florida at the present time, the ’36 is in New York.  I am sure someone can post one of these pictures for you.


    This is a photo of the spring on the hood vent of a ’35'35 hood vent spring


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    • This reply was modified 7 months, 1 week ago by Robert Brown.

    Robert, thanks for doing this. I don’t think these are still on my hood and I don’t remember seeing these in my boxes of parts. I will have to hold off on these until I can deal with the hoods.


    Robert, I also had several missing springs. One of my machinist acquaintances provided a source of spring wire and I was able to fabricate reasonable facsimiles of the springs using a vise and pliers. It took more determination than skill
    Sal macaluso 618 806-2384


    That is probably what I will do. McmasterCarr is a source for spring/piano wire. Maybe Hobby Lobby, hobby stores used to carry different gauge piano wire for making model airplane bits like landing gear, but they seem to have disappeared in the last decade.

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