High School in Charlotte, NC looking for 1920 era P-A for photo shoot

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    I have been contacted by a woman who lives just outside of Charlotte, NC and she is planning props and activities around the spring production of a high school play called “Cheaper By the Dozen” that is set in the mid 1920s. Her director would love for the cast to have a photo shoot with a vintage automobile from that era. Her first choice is a Pierce Arrow, but she understands they are extremely hard to come by.
    Does anyone in the area have a car that could be made available for a PHOTO SHOOT? This may be a chance to get amazing photos of your car.
    If willing to help, please let me know and I will forward you her information.
    Thank you, Diana 231-740-0536

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    There is an elderly (aren’t we all it seems) gentleman in Ga that had the 1975 National first place 1928 Model 81 convertible coupe, with rumble seat.

    If that will work, I will see if I can contact him. He has dropped out of the club, which isn’t a good sign.



    I received the same request. I guess she is covering all of her bases.  We have one member in the Charlotte area with cars, I have e-mailed him to see if he is interested.




    One of our members in Charlotte, Dave Benson is going to contact her.


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