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    The restoration directory lists Gates part number 203TG, which according to Gates’ website is obsolete and replaced by TR22534. I bought two TR22534’s and they are seriously too short.

    The car had two non-reinforced Gates #3550 belts installed, so I figured I’d prefer a proper fan belt and not one made for a compressor fan, or whatever. The 3550 label says it’s “For equipment of 3 to 17 HP use”.

    Can anyone help me with a part number for a proper automotive fan belt?





    The 3550 belt should decode that it is  # 3 wide ( now 5/8 or 1/2 inch wide on top?) ( measure the old one)  and 55.0 inches long measured on the front of the belt. the back of any belt catalog should match a belt. I always go to the “green stripe” section as they do not have the cogs. I will look at my Dayco book this morning and get back if you still need numbers.

    The wrong belts you got would de-code to Tractor size 22 wide, 53.4 inches long which is why they are short by 1 1/2 inches.. in that catalog you would need a TR22550 if they make one or within a 1/4 inch of it. TR22553, TR22548 etc.




    I just checked the book. The short number is the correct belt by the book.  There are times you have to remove the fan, put the belts on the pully then reinstall the 4 bolts that go into the block. Some also have a second set of holes to add distance for mounting the fan higher. this could also be why they don’t fit.

    Dayco makes a 54.5 and a 55.5 belt, but does not show a 55in. in the catalog. The new book has gone metric so those numbers are now 15A-1385 and 15A1410.



    Hi @Karl:

    Thanks for the help on this. Until now, I never knew there’s a decoder ring for belts.

    At first I purchased three 3550’s – two to install and one as a spare to keep in the trunk. Then I found the number in the resource directory and on Gates’ website they listed a superseded number, TR22534, so I ordered those Green Stripe belts, instead, which are too short.

    I installed the two 3550’s and with the fan eccentric adjustment at the minimum distance, these belts were a mutha to skootch onto the fan pulley. I did it by hand rotating the fan and sliding the belts on. They’re on, but tighter than I’d like them to be; not in love with it. Dayco makes a belt 13A1420, 56″ long x .53″ wide. Or, a 13A1410 that is 55.5″ long.




    Take a mirror and check the front bracket for 8 holes in the bearing bracket. 4 extra,4 holding the support bracket to the block, if using the  upper 4, move it down, this may be the ticket. Over the years, more cars are towed back to the hotel for fan troubles than anything else. Too tight is never good, I would put up with a belt bounce before too tight.




    Nope, only four holes on the bracket. I had the entire assembly off to install Cislak’s sealed fan hub. I ordered a couple of belts 1″ longer, Dayco 17560 (13A1420), hopefully that’ll do the trick. If not, I will have enough extra belts here I can start my own belt warehouse. Presuming that works, I will buy a spare.

    My car ain’t gonna be towed back to to the hotel with fan trouble and I am trying to do everything I can possibly do to ensure it’s not towed back for nuthin’ else, neither. Been there, done that.



    Adam, sounds good. See you soon, Karl


    On our 1932 Pierce 8 cyl.,we are using Gates Green Stripe belts. Part number TR22545. The fan bracket is in the lowest position. Hope this helps.


    OK, so I removed the fan mounting assembly for another look. There are two bars that I figured are for reinforcement on the front of the hub mounting bracket. The hub bracket has ‘6’ holes, two on top and four on the bottom. To get the bar to line up with four holes on the hub bracket, that puts the bracket in the ‘high’ position – aha! To put the bracket in the low position, requires the two top bolts to go through the bar, but +NOT+ into the top holes of the hub mounting bracket. Seems like a goofy arrangement.

    Now that I have this in the lower mounting position, perhaps I can get a couple of belts of the correct size?

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