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    Would someone know what the correct part number Is for the headlight lens for a 1929 series 133. It should either be a twolite or McKee light, and where would I find the spongy material that cushions the lens or would I have to make It.

    Thank you

    Bob Krauss


    733280 twolite

    725667 McKeelite


    It is my understanding early 29’s used Mckeelite flat lenses. Later 29 and early 30 used Twolite. 9 1/4 outside diameter and 8 5/8 prism.


    The correct for cushioning the lens that goes into the well of the lamp door is a round cork gasket which should be level with the lens opening then the lens is held in place with sis clips as i recall. You do not want too much pressure on the lens edge and breaking it.The 1929 Pierce Arrow headlamp lenses are very hard to find.If your car has the resistance dimming system with single filament bulbs you will need the McKeelite lens.If the car has the shallow reflectors with twin filament bulbs you will need the Twolite lens.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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