Happy Thanksgiving

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    I have a wish for everyone in this P-A Society to have a nice Thanksgiving Day! Be careful….



    To you also. We celebrated with Pierce Arrow family……….Peg and I went to Tony and Claire Zappone’s for dinner with their family. A southern Thanksgiving.


    Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    Twila and I went to Thanksgiving with the Indians at Chumash Casino in Solvang. We ate at the Buffet to our hearts content. Way to much food.

    Ken and Twila


    Hello Ed and Ken, We had plenty of family, at our house, along with snow and plenty of food. What a nice Thanksgiving for us! Florida sounds nice!!!! How was the weather in Solvang. I have Scandinavian blood and Solvang is a fun place to visit!



    Thank you!



    The weather was in the mid 40’s with snow in the foothills. Very unusuall for the area. We did experience light rain on the way home.

    I gained 5 pounds on the scale when I weighed this monrning. Back on my diet today.

    We really enjoyed the Buffet.


    hmmm, I stayed home and gained the 5 pounds your mentioned, without even getting in my car! Oh well, I do like Thanksgiving as it is not quite so commercialized as is Christmas, which is next up!



    I ate a Hungry Man TV Dinner very carefully in my Pierce, sharing with my dog Sally!


    I didn’t know Pierce also made doghouses!

    That’s where I go when I get yelled at by the better half. Anybody find a microwave that runs on 6 volts? I may be in the market for one…


    Our yellow labrador Sandy sleeps in the back of a Pierce whenever she gets a chance. She whined at Thanksgiving because they are put away for the winter so we both napped through football games.

    Hope Santa gets everyone a Pierce-Arrow for Christmas!

    Dave …& Sandy


    ooohhh man, Now we are ramping up for Christmas. What a nice season! May you all receive just what you want/need in the stocking to keep the P-A going. Maybe we will soon know who has been “Naughty”” or “”Nice””?


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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