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    Went to my local Starbucks today and Greg Long was working the cash register.

    That guy really gets around………


    Yeah, he moves so fast the wind smoothed out the top of his head…


    Obviously, BREWING up some extra cash for the acquisition of another Pierce-Arrow.


    Well, with the prices of Pierce Arrows being so steeped, I understand the grounds for him making a little extra money, and I have to expresso my admiration for his grande scheme….


    You guys!…lol


    A sure test would be if there was scalded milk in the cappuccino, or Rotella 15W-40.


    AArgh !!!!!


    So asking for “extra foam”” would be out of the question?…”


    OH Dear, Oh Dear!! Good Fun!


    I ordered a double shot espresso, and he called it out as “give me a dual valve Series 5″” !!”


    Sure you can get extra foam, but it would be Sea Foam!


    I sure don’t know who he is, must be a long-lost brother or??

    Bob Jacobsen had it right: I have more hair remaining. LOL



    If Greg was working at a bar, and I placed my order for a beer, this is what I expect he would serve me. From my trip to the UK last year.



    Now we know what you do in your spare time. I bet I could distribute the

    heck out of the “early engine oil” at The Bakersfield Swap Meet starting in a

    few days. There’s a great demand for 6% additive, and old cars are addictive

    in nature!


    A little back story, I needed to talk to Greg soon after the picture was posted.

    The conversation was:

    Hey, Greg, see you working at coffee place.


    Yeah, picture posted.

    Um, David, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    The picture…oh, you haven’t seen it.

    My Father always told me, put your best foot forward, use the one in your mouth, it’s the clean one…


    My apologies……..Talked with the barista today and he’s Greg’s twin brother . Sorry for the mix up. !!


    Richard…….I can assure you my friend Greg is “One of a kind!” In a good way, of course!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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