Grease Retainer Cup

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    I made this little article but did not manage to insert more than one photo. So I have moved the hole thing over to our Facebook pages. There you can watch all the 8 photos!

    I don’t know if this is of finterest for you but my intention is to tell that you will never be finished with the restoration when you start up with a wreck of an automobile.
    A couple of month ago I discover a photo in the PAS’ Message Board showing a front axel/knuckle with a sort of a small bowl (photo 1). Never had I seen such a part and never did I know that my 1930 Pierce should have one. The photo was inserted by Patrick Lauber who wanted such a Retainer Grease Cup and described it as half a donut. I tried to contact him but did not come through by email. After some weeks of thinking I decided to make one myself. No success!
    I have a part book for 1930 and entlarged the drawing of the front axel/knuckle about 10 times (photo 2). I now could see the part no. 123098 Ring Oil Throw (donut). Marked here with green points in the drawing. The read points indicate the part no. 99546 Retainer Assembly Felt.
    I contacted an acquaintance of me who is a mechanic and also has antique cars as hobby. I made a sketch with the measurements (photo 3) and mailed it to him. From that he made new drawings with the computer program Autocad (photo 4). From this constuction drawing a company did cut out the metal sheet basis with a laser. In photo 5 and 6 you can see the sheet ready for metal spinning (?). One metal sheet and a semi-finished produkt are seen in the photo 7. At last (photo 8) we have the finished product.

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