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    Adapter with coax plugFirst, I +MUST+ give a gigantic Thank You! to both Ed Minnie and John Cislak. Both of these gents have been so remarkably helpful answering endless questions, offering guidance and encouragement. Without them, I wouldn’t be so close to being ready for the meet.

    Today, I sorted a whacky issue with the Stewart Warner fuel pump where it would not pickup fuel nor would the Carter electric pump push fuel through it. Best as I can discern after isolating things for hours is that there may have been a little piece of crud in the pump’s inlet check valve. That resolved, I drove the car on a 30 minute run this afternoon. YAY! Have some fine tuning to do, but after two months of nights and every weekend, solid, this seems like a good sign.

    A couple of days ago, after I got the car running, the idle wasn’t smooth. At first I thought the issue was isolated to the #7 cylinder. I’d connect a timing light and the flashes weren’t consistent. Considering that the plug wires were at least 40 years I installed all new copper core wires. Thought maybe the wire was arcing in the distribution tube. Still rough idle after new wires  and I could hear it +puffing+ in the exhaust. Another timing light check and I see the skipped flashes on every cylinder. Moved the light to the coil high tension wire and the flashes were very  erratic. Ordered a new Pertronix Flame Thrower coil. Getting the mounting ring off the old coil, which was the original, 90 year-old Delco, was a pain. It was spot welded to the coil housing and I had to cut off the bottom lip of the coil housing with a Dremel wheel in order to remove the mounting ring. New coil, A-OK!

    Just finished a little project where I used a 6 volt positive ground to 12 volt negative ground inverter from Antique Auto Radio. This was in my old car parts box, unused for at least 15 years. A plastic project box and dual Quick Charge USB adapter from Amazon and new we can power our phones or any other USB device in the car. I used a ‘coax’ plug and mating socket to power from the car. These connectors are typically used for motorcycle heated clothing.Adapter

    That’s it; enough for today  😳!




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