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    Thank You Bill and Peggy

    Looks like good stuff but skips Pierce arrow or at least I do not see it.

    Not sure but think my generator is Delco 300 which is not on the list.





    I have early Delco parts lists. I will need the generator Model No.




    Do you know where the model number is on the generator. Mine is at the rebuilder and he does not know the number I assume because he does not see it on the generator.





    Does your list include model 300 ?

    That may be the model, I have not yet confirmed.




    Attached is the listing for Pierce Arrow Generators & Starters from the Dayton Armature Works Catalog.It shows three different generators for the Series 80 & 81


    Trying again



    Did your generator rebuild reach a good conclusion?

    We have just received ours back from the second re-builder and it appears that he has done a perfect job. The first rewound the coil and armature apparently correctly, but assembled it with many parts missing or lost. Almost a disaster but a last ditch rescue effected by Classic Generator in TX.


    David White,

    Perhaps, the Classic Generator Company in Texas should be added to the list of Generator Service / Repair people on the Parts & Service section of the website.



    Hi Peter,

    Chris Diekman handles the Parts and Services Directory. I got their info and passed it on to him.



    That’s a great idea. Ken Warner at Classic Generator did a great job, including making the parts lost by the first place we tried. Picture of it sitting on his bench just before shipping. It is installed and wrking perfectly.


    Since we are on this topic, I am putting mine back together and am trying to figure this piece out. It looks like it is a cutout as it has points. Is it a thermal or voltage spike safeguard?

    It mounts on the inside of the case where the 2 closely spaced holes are.


    Here is a side view.


    Hey Peter! We have the band but didn’t send it with the generator. Not chrome, but painted black. I’ll have a close look at it to see if a chrome finish is peaking out where the paint has a chip, but I don’t think so. Bob



    Yes, shame on me, but I am unsure if I had raw steel generator and starter bands plated nickel, or if I cheeped out and just had chromed bands made.

    Likely the former (nickel plated).

    Now that the question is raised, I will remove one or both and compare them with my Series 80 radiator shell and other brightwork which I had plated in nickel.

    And yes, I believe that chrome began to arrive on P-A cars in 1928 or 1929, however, I will check with Wayne or Marc Hancock, a.k.a, Master Restorer & Son, on those details.




    I just checked the bands on my Series 80 generator and starter and they are both nickel plated, not chrome.




    Also, the S/N on the generator is: 30002226.


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