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    We finally got to the hotel late on Friday night, just enough time to unpack and go straight to bed.

    Saturday morning we were off to the RE Olds Museum in Lansing, lots of cars and things to see there. Then, it was off to lunch at the Fireside Grill, were we enjoyed subs and salad and each others company. After lunch it was off to Historical Charleton Park village where a wedding had just finished up in the historical church.

    The evening dinner was held at the Algonquin Lake lodge where a wonderful catered dinner of prime rib and potatoes was served.

    Sunday’s show saw approximately 25 cars (sorry I don’t have an exact number) on the show field, and lunch was served in the museum of ribs and chicken and corn. Once lunch was finished it was time to take people out and drive the Pierces around on the museum grounds. Then it was time to head home.

    Once again Dave and Diana managed to pull of another fun filled weekend for everyone. The only sad note here being of Loki’s passing, but that is covered in another post.

    Thank you Dave & Diana, Bill and Wilma Hunter-Morris and everyone else who helped make this a great weekend.


    the weekend and weather were very nice


    I just need to retire already so I can attend all these great events on the other side of the country.

    Congrats on another great event.


    The Gathering at Gilmore Team did a superlative job as they do every year. The sites to visit seem to be endless in Western Michigan. Thanks for all your efforts for us.

    Happy Motoring,

    Rick and Liz


    It really was a great tour. I had three first timers with me, and now they are all confirmed Pierce fans. I brought my cousin Don, who generally doesn’t like cars more than 2 years old, as well as Scott Stastny’s apprentice Joe, who many of you met at Gilmore. Greg Long was kind enough to teach him to drive on his Model 80, and now, we have a 21 year old guy, interested in joining the PAS. Scott asked me to bring him along to spur his interest in old cars, and the hands on training really worked.


    Yes Ken, Rick, Duane and Curtis, it was another really GREAT Gathering!

    What a treat it was for us to leave the Louisiana heat and humidity to enjoy Southern Michigan’s cool weather and excellent touring roads! I happily noticed that this is the second year in a row with a large number new attendees who all seemed to have a good time.

    Thanks Dave and Diana, and all of the Great Lakes Region Members who pitched in to make this another memorable Gathering at Gilmore!


    Thanks to Dave for arranging for me to enter the Model A Travelodge in the museum to take photos and measurements to assist in the restoration of my Model A.


    This was the first Gathering at Gilmore car show and Sunday BBQ-lunch I have missed.

    We certainly did enjoy the tours and destinations.

    We had to skip the car show and BBQ at the Gilmore. We had to go to the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s emergency clinic to see LOKI and arrange his last minutes with us.

    We said goodby to LOKI where he was most at home: in the back seat of our 1925 Touring car. I called it his ‘office’.

    LOKI recognized the Pierce Arrow, and tried to get off the gurney to get into the back seat. I had to pick him up and place him on his seat. With Ken and I giving him our last ear and chin scratches, LOKI left on his last ride.

    Ken and I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of sympathy from our friends in the Pierce Arrow Society.

    There is no doubt that LOKI was a well known and loved member of the Pierce Arrow Society .

    Greg and Ken.


    Greg and Ken,

    Sorry to hear about LOKI. He was a wonder German Shepard.

    Ken and Twila

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