Gathering at Gilmore 2021

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    Another gathering is behind us and it was another exceptional weekend. Though I did not do the tour on Saturday, my wife and I decided to have breakfast in town at a little place called the Barbed Wire Cafe. This little cafe was on Main street in downtown Plainwell and it is about the size of our living room, filled with all kinds of unique nick nacks. The food was excellent, the pancakes were the size of a grandfather clock face, and, we were so impressed, we bought two t-shirts from the place. We talked about our experience at the cafe at the Saturday night dinner, and promptly arranged to meet Arnold Romberg and his daughter for breakfast there on Sunday morning before heading out to the Gilmore for the show.   The show on the green was very hot, (90 degrees in the sun!) but the camaraderie was excellent. Kirsten and I manged the museum store (we sold all the thermometers Dave Stevens did not want to take back home with him!) and, despite the heat, the show went off without a hitch. Now that we are home, I am already missing my friends and looking forward to next year, where I hope to bring my own car for the tours. A round of applause, and thank you’s, go out to Dave and Diana Stevens, Bill and Wilma Morris, Jane Mann Barclay, Greg Long, and all the others who make this weekend possible. Thank you all for what you do to bring us together.


    Another great gathering with our hosts outdoing themselves.  Great visiting with all and look forward to next year.

    Jean & Larry Smothers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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